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Brass Knuckle

Taser Gun Shooting Long distance Electric Baton Defense Electric Shock

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Electronic Anti-Riot Device User Manual

This electronic anti-riot device consists of a stun device, a laser sight, a strong LED light (optional), an alarm (optional) and launchers. It is exquisite,small and light, easy to carry and use, which can incapacitate an attacker within 5 meters for self-defense or law enforcement.


1. Power source: 4.8V Ni-Cd battery
2. Output voltage: 80KV
3. Size: 155mmx45x30
4. Effective range: within 5 meters (2.5-3 meters optimal)
5. Penetration ability: through normal clothes
6. Safety switch: Yes


1. Hold the device and install the launcher.
2. Turn on the safety switch, targeting by the laser sight, and then press the launch button.
3. Without the launcher, it can operate as a normal stun device.
4. Turn off the safety switch after using. Do not discharge continuously over 30 seconds in order to prolong the life span of this device.
5. Connect the charger to the charging jack of the device,plug the charger it into an electric outlet, and the charging indicator will turn red. Please only use the exclusive charger lest the battery is damaged.
6. The charging time shall be at least 5 hours for the first use, and 4 hours for normal use.
Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use for china. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.or can buy converter on our web

Metal products on the surface of the inevitable small scratches and mold marks, polishing traces, this is a normal phenomenon.

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