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Brass Knuckle

Defensive Window Breaker Baton Multi-Functional Self-Defense EDC Tool

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Material: 316 stainless steel
Extended length: about 40cm
Retracted length: about 20cm
Stick diameter: about 2.5cm
Weight: about 350g

This carefully created tool is made of 316 stainless steel, which has created a solid hammer head. Its excellent solidity and durability to ensure that in emergency situations, Extraordinary reliability. The stick body cleverly incorporates a non -slip texture design, and it can ensure stable grip even in a tense or slippery environment to avoid slipping off. In addition, the tail is particularly equipped with a thick -hanging ring design, which is not only beautiful and generous, but also makes carriers and suspension unprecedented convenience. Whether it is carried daily or urgent, it can easily deal with it, showing its humanity and practicality.

Metal products on the surface of the inevitable small scratches and mold marks, polishing traces, this is a normal phenomenon.

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