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Brass Knuckle

Defense Bolt Titanium Tactical Pen

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Material: titanium alloy/stainless steel back clip
Size: 120mm * 10mm
Weight: about 21.5g (including refill)
Purpose: writing, portable EDC self-protection

The body of the pen is made of titanium alloy, which has super high hardness and corrosion resistance to ensure long-lasting durability. The interior is made of high-quality G2 replacement cartridge, which meets the European standard G2 specifications to ensure smooth writing, and the large capacity ink storage allows you to avoid frequent replacement.
The unique bolt switch design not only enhances the functionality of the tactical pen, but also adds a point of fun. With an easy push, you can quickly switch functions, whether for defense, emergency or writing.
In addition, the tactical pen is equipped with a stainless steel back clip, making it easy for you to clip it to your clothing or backpack, making it convenient to carry anytime, anywhere. This titanium multi-functional tactical pen not only serves four functions: defense, emergency, writing and play, but also makes an ideal gift choice for a friend or loved one due to its unique design and practicality.

Metal products on the surface of the inevitable small scratches and mold marks, polishing traces, this is a normal phenomenon.

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