What is a Knuckle Duster?

What is a Knuckle Duster?

Knuckle Duster can also be referred to as a knuckle guard, knuckle ring, steel fist, or fighting sleeve. This device may be used in combat or self-defense to enhance the power of punches or slaps and protect the fingers from injury.

Knuckle dusters are usually factory-cast, with materials ranging from zinc alloys or iron alloys to a small number of stainless steel and titanium alloys. Knuckle dusters are worn on four fingers except for the thumb, and when held in the hand and used to punch an enemy, the hard metal and sharp edges can produce a strong pressure when striking a person or object, enough to shatter ordinary contact objects.

For beginners, they may feel uncomfortable with their fingers when they first start using it. At this time, they can wrap tape or cloth around their fingers to increase the comfort of holding it, and gradually adapt to its shape and usage.

Overall, the knuckle duster is a practical and covert weapon suitable for use by martial artists and security personnel. However, it should be noted that it has certain dangers as a weapon, and users need to comply with relevant laws and regulations to avoid unnecessary harm.

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